Types of Homes in Rossmoor

There are 3 types of homes in Rossmoor.

Single Family Homes

Did you know Rossmoor is home to 63 single-family homes in the Heritage Oaks neighborhood? Technically, these are PUDs or Planned Unit Developments. These homes range in size from 1,800 SqFt to 2,500 SqFt and all offer two-car garages. These homes were built in the early 2000s and are completely detached. No shared walls or neighbors above or below you.

Several of the models are 2 stories with a bedroom or loft upstairs, but all feature a primary bedroom on the 1st floor. The maintenance on the home is NOT covered by the Mutual but the homeowner, which is why these monthly dues are some of the lowest in Rossmoor.


About half of Rossmoor is composed of condominiums or “Condos.” Most of us are familiar with this type of ownership. There is a deed for the property and you own everything inside your walls with common ownership of the common areas. For the most part, exterior maintenance is covered by the Mutual as well as landscaping, hazard insurance, etc, but each Mutual has different policies so it’s important to check for each condo.

Buying a condo in Rossmoor is the same as anywhere outside of Rossmoor. You can pay cash or get a mortgage. There is no limitation to which mortgage lender you can use or the amount of down payment.


This is where things can get complicated! About half of all homes in Rossmoor are co-ops or “cooperatives.” A co-op style of ownership is rare in California and most think of New York City apartment buildings with restrictive co-op boards.

In a Co-Op, there is no deed, but the owner is a shareholder of a corporation. You can still renovate your home and have the same rights and access as a condo or PUD owner. There are no restrictions on buying or selling and one major upside is many of the appliances are covered by the Mutual. If your refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, etc. need repairs or to be replaced, the Mutual may cover that cost.

When viewing homes online you won’t be able to distinguish co-ops from condos as online sites don’t display that information, but you can generally distinguish the two from their price points. Co-Ops are older and smaller and generally the most affordable property type in Rossmoor.

Co-op buying has some special rules which are outlined below:

Quick synopsis

Types of Homes

There are 3 types of homes in Rossmoor.

  1. Single-Family Homes.
  2. Condominiums (condo),
  3. Co-Op

Co-Op Financing Buyer

  • Minimum of 30% down
  • No income requirements
  • Only a few lenders nationwide!
    • Local lender: Kyle Dawson 925-272-9548
    • National lender: NCB Ohio Based CoopLender 1-800-955-9622

Co-Op Cash Buyer

  • There are income requirements for co-op buyers. Monthly income must equal or greater than 4x monthly HOA dues plus 1/12 of property taxes. Co-Op owners pay property taxes monthly instead of twice yearly. Rossmoor calls the monthly HOA dues + Property tax your “coupon.”
  • Must have $55,000 in liquid assets after purchase. Does not have to be cash. Can be investments, 401K, etc.