Property Taxes

Property taxes in Rossmoor are the same as you’ll find elsewhere in Contra Costa County. As a simple estimate, I tell buyers to estimate the property taxes as 1.25% of the sales price. This number is not 100% accurate as property taxes are not determined by sales prices, but by the county “assessed value” of the home, but those values tend to be similar.

For the single-family homes and condos you pay property taxes just as you would outside Rossmoor which is twice a year unless you’ve set up mortgage impound accounts with your lender to pay monthly.

Co-ops in Rossmoor are different and those are paid monthly as part of your “coupon.” Your coupon is your monthly HOA fees + 1/12th of your property tax bill.

But what if you currently have very low property taxes and want to buy a home that is more expensive than your current home?

This is where Proposition 19 comes in and can help you. You can learn more about Proposition 19 here. Essentially, Prop 19 allows you to transfer your current assessed tax value to a new home even if the new home is more expensive. If you’ve been in your home for a while then it’s most likely the case that the assessed value is much lower than the current value of your home if you were to sell. Prop 19 helps seniors by allowing them to sell their current home and maintain the lower tax bill.

Quick synopsis

Property Taxes in Rossmoor

Property taxes in Rossmoor are the same as they are elsewhere in Contra Costa County. To estimate you can use 1.25% of the sales price of your new home. If you currently own your home in California and have a low tax bill, you may be able to transfer that tax basis to your new property due to Proposition 19.