When you first start looking into  Rossmoor one of the initial confusing terms you’ll come across is a Mutual or Mutuals. In Rossmoor, a Mutual is essentially a Home Owners Association (HOA). They severe the same exact purpose that you’d find in an HOA outside of Rossmoor, but just have a different name.

Most people would assume that Rossmoor is one large Mutual or one large Home Owners Association, but in fact, it is a collection of 22 separate Mutuals. While these Mutuals may share similar characteristics, policies, and CC&Rs, they are different and have different governing documents.

The largest Mutuals are First Mutual with over 1,800 co-ops,  Second Mutual with 1,300 co-ops, and Third Mutual with over 1,100 condominiums.

What is a co-op?  |  What is a condominium?

Mutual fees range by property and can run anywhere from $800 to over $2,500.

Mutual documents are all available on the Rossmoor website and offer great insights to those looking to learn more about rules and policy’s for each Mutual. Information on what maintenance is covered, pet policies, rental restrictions and recent meeting minutes can all be found on the Mutual page.

Quick synopsis

What is a mutual?

A Mutual os a Home Owners Association (HOA). In Rossmoor, the official term for the HOA is a Mutual. There are 22 mutuals in Rossmoor.