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A brief history

The Rossmoor that we know of today started back in the 1930s when Stanley Dollar build a private estate in the Tice Creek Valley. Over many decades, the estate expanded to over 2,200 acres.

In the 1960s the son of Stanley Dollar sold the estate to Ross Cortese, who was a developer in Orange County. If you are familiar with the Seal Beach and Long Beach area, you may be familiar with their own “Rossmoor” neighborhood. That neighborhood consisted on single family homes. Cortese’s next projects were Leisure World in Seal Beach and eventually Rossmoor in Walnut Creek.

The initial plan in Rossmoor was to build 10,000 co-op style homes. While over 3,000 co-ops or “manors” were built, that plan was later abandoned and new developers came in to build condos and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs).

Today Rossmoor is home to over 6,700 homes including co-ops, condos and single family homes with almost 10,000 residents.